SEO – Another Pain for Developers

Hi Everyone…

With so many developers’ pains around, SEO is the buzzing now days. Though it is more related to internet marketing of your sites but at the end of the day your site can’t be best marketed until or unless developer put his efforts in this department in terms of making it SEO friendly.

Static site involves a little or no SEO programming at all but things become worst when the sites are complex and involves dynamic contents (shopping carts, portals with RSS feeds and other dynamic contents etc…).

In making site SEO friendly, developer needs to take care of things that he feels are meaningless. One of them is ‘page titles’. Other could be ‘meta keywords’ that even don’t get showed up anywhere. Hfff….

He also has to compromise on his favorite dynamic query string and make the site links all static. This compromise is a real pain, not in terms that it is harder to tackle, but developers are in habit of using query string for data transfer.

Having a little experience of making site SEO friendly (On Page Optimization), I will suggest few key points that a developer should keep in mind before development.

  1. Thinking of static URLs. (URL Rewriting)
  2. Dynamic Page titles & keywords in meta tags
  3. Dynamic Sitemap
  4. Javascript Organization

I will discuss these key points in detail in next post and will try to provide cure to this pain using PHP in a simplest possible way and will try to convert this pain to handy skill that a developer can have.


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