Connect to ORACLE database using C#

Hi everyone…

you can connect to oracle database either by OleDb object or by DSN. Following code snippet did the trick. Go through it.

using System;
using System.Data;
using System.Data.ADO;
class OracleTest
static void Main()
//UID – User Id
//PWD – Password
//Server – Your Service name
//Using Microsoft ODBC for Oracle DSN-Less
//const string strConn = “Provider=MSDASQL;DRIVER={Microsoft ODBC for ORACLE};UID=scott;PWD=tiger;Server=fnqa”;
//Using Microsoft OLEDB Provider for Oracle
const string strConn = “Provider=MSDAORA.1;
Data Source=oracle_db;User ID=scott;Password=tiger”;
//Using DSN Connection
//const string strConn =”DSN=oracle_dsn;UID=scott;PWD=tiger” ;
const string strSQL = “Select * From EMP”;
DataSet ds = new DataSet(“EmployeesSet”);
ADODataSetCommand myCommand = new ADODataSetCommand(strSQL,strConn);
catch(ADOException e)
Console.WriteLine(“Exception Occured :{0}”,e.Errors[0].Message);

Courtesy Ravi Shankar

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