Am I back to blogging…???

Hi everyone,

What are you thinking, Am i back to blogging….?

That is question that i am asking myself too…

I have just recovered my blog password and changed its theme…

Trying to make my mind about blogging again….

Trying to convince myself that blogging is worthy….

Thinking, if I can give a regular time to blog along with Movies, Games, Office, Sleeping….

Thinking to put all the contents again that I had lost during blog shifting…

Another “Person” tried to pump me to start blogging again and in return I will have “TREAT”….

So, wait for some time and see if I can come up with some post or NOT.


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4 Responses to “Am I back to blogging…???”

  1. Qurat Says:

    Well, that’s wonderful! I’m impressed!
    And more impressed to see that you’re trying to convince yourself that blogging is worthy!

    Anyways, treat will be there!


  2. Muhammad Rashid Idris Says:

    I have made my mind to start blogging and now there are lot of things that are fluttering around my mind to start with….

    I hope i will soon be writing on Software Security Testing soon, as one of my colleague in QA asked me to do so.

    So will be back very soon.


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