Creating Thumbnails in PHP

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Before starting make sure that the following line is uncommented in php.ini file


Following is the function which creates 3 copies of image of different size i.e., thumbnail (approx 100*100), small (approx 250*250) and medium (approx 400*400).

You just have to pass it the complete path of the original image and it will create three different images for you.

function CreateThumbnail ($imagePath)
//Create your custom size and names
$sizes = Array (100, 250, 400);
$names = Array (“thumbnail”, “small”,”medium”);

//if passed image exists or not
if (file_exists ($imagePath))
//extract Image name and path
$imageName = substr (strrchr($imagePath, “/”), 1);
$imagePath = substr ($imagePath, 0, strripos ($imagePath,”/”)+1);

//create all my custom images
for ($i=0; $i<count($sizes); $i++)

//Get the dimensions of original image
$sourceImage = imagecreatefromjpeg(“$imagePath”.”$imageName”);
$sourceWidth = imagesx($sourceImage);
$sourceHeight = imagesy($sourceImage);

//Dimensions of target image (one by one)
$newWidth = $newHeight = $sizes[$i];

//Create Target image with target dimensions
$targetImage = ImageCreateTrueColor ($newWidth, $newHeight);

//Shrink the image to target image and create it physically

$newHeight,$sourceWidth, $sourceHeight);

imagejpeg($targetImage, “$imagePath”.$names[$i].”_$imageName”);
return true;
return false;

A simple call to this function could be

CreateThumbnail (“images/example.jpg”);
It will create three file namely, thumbnail_example.jpg, small_example.jpg, medium_example.jpg

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Creating Thumbnails in .NET

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Following is the code which can creates the thumbnails of images with no hardwork….

System.Drawing.Image originalImage = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(imagePath); System.Drawing.Image thumbnailImage = originalImage.GetThumbnailImage(90, 90, null, IntPtr.Zero);


See how easy it is to create thumbnail in .net

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