Microsoft (ready for a new day)

Hi Everyone…!!! 

Today we (me, my fellows and teachers, in other words, My Insititute “COMSATS Insititute of Information Technology, Islamabad”) became the part of very big world wide launch of latest Microsoft products which includes Windows VISTA, Office 2007, Exchange Server, .NET Framework 3.0 etc.

Many orgranisations & institutes across the world are arranging this even called as “Microsoft Community Launch Event” to introduce &  highlight the features of newly lanuched Microsoft products in their circle. We arranged this event on 7th of June 2007. I invited three speakers, (Imran Khawar, Khalil ur Rehman, Kashif) to put some light on these products at my institute.

I was expecting about 70-80 participants but unexpectedly I gathered 104 all in all. Event started at about 4:00pm and completed on 6:00. At the end Original DVD’s of Windows VISTA Bussiness, Office 2007, Free Exam Voucher + other small gifts were distributed among randomly selected audience.

After That we enjoyed refreshment. Everything right from the begining went very fine and smooth. The Speakers were really happy to such group audience.

Finally Thanks to Speakers, Microsoft Pakistan, INETA, and yes all the participants.

Microsoft you ROCKS as always 🙂

Keep Smiling 🙂


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