Pakistan Developer Conference (PDC) 2007

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Pakistan Developer Conference 2007 is the event that provides a comprehensive technical overview as well as more insight on the latest (both recently released and upcoming) Microsoft development and platform technologies. During Pakistan Developer Conference 2007, there will be sessions that would demonstrate the latest features that were introduced in Windows Vista, Office 2007, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, BizTalk Server 2006 and how all these technologies can be used to build reliable, secure, high performance applications that can connect people, information, processes and systems together. More than 3,000 technology professionals from across Pakistan are expected to join this event and get the opportunity to meet and interact with top technology experts in the industry and Microsoft team for the duration of the event.

For Details:

I m joining pdc as before and looking for some immense knowledge and acquaintance about new and upcoming Microsoft Technologies. Hope to see many of you around there  


Keep Smiling 🙂


Microsoft (ready for a new day)

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Today we (me, my fellows and teachers, in other words, My Insititute “COMSATS Insititute of Information Technology, Islamabad”) became the part of very big world wide launch of latest Microsoft products which includes Windows VISTA, Office 2007, Exchange Server, .NET Framework 3.0 etc.

Many orgranisations & institutes across the world are arranging this even called as “Microsoft Community Launch Event” to introduce &  highlight the features of newly lanuched Microsoft products in their circle. We arranged this event on 7th of June 2007. I invited three speakers, (Imran Khawar, Khalil ur Rehman, Kashif) to put some light on these products at my institute.

I was expecting about 70-80 participants but unexpectedly I gathered 104 all in all. Event started at about 4:00pm and completed on 6:00. At the end Original DVD’s of Windows VISTA Bussiness, Office 2007, Free Exam Voucher + other small gifts were distributed among randomly selected audience.

After That we enjoyed refreshment. Everything right from the begining went very fine and smooth. The Speakers were really happy to such group audience.

Finally Thanks to Speakers, Microsoft Pakistan, INETA, and yes all the participants.

Microsoft you ROCKS as always 🙂

Keep Smiling 🙂

How to run Apache & IIS parallel

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Couple of months back, I was working on a ASP.NET 1.1 application which requires IIS. The application basically fetches  records from webservice and validating those records with our database.

Meanwhile I was working on an php application and it requires Apache. I was using WAMP5 ver 1.6.6 with apache 2.0.59.

Initially I have to stop IIS in order to use Apache and vice versa. As both of servers uses port 80 for all http request.

At that point, I was aware of that there must be some parameters in php configurations files which would allow me to change the http port from 80 to something else, so I just started browsing configuration files and was able to change the port from 80 to say 8080 and now both of my webservers were happy:

Now I can access my sites like;

for IIS,


for Apache


so for php my localhost is now localhost:8080 and rest is the same. 🙂

What I did:

1. Opened the httpd.conf file
2. Searched for term 80
3. Found on first hit under parameter listen
4. Changed 80 to 8080 there
5. Restarted all wamp services. And thats it.

So rather then searching for 80, you must search for listen parameter and change it

No other changes and settings required. 🙂

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Embedding UserControl in HTML

Hi everyone….!!!

Following code I found very useful for embedding user defined controls directly in HTML.

You can use controls either from dll or an exe.

<object id=”rtfcontrol” height=”85%” width=”300″  



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June 2007 … The Judgement Month :(

hi everyone….

June started. One the most important month of this year atleast for me, This month will decide that whether I am going to get my MS degree in august or not. I will get it if I managed to complete my thesis this month 😦

This June is also have lot of fun as i will enjoying 5 birthdays of my friends  this month….so lots of cake and pizza stuff. 😉

Anyhow lets see what June have for all of us….

take care

Keep Smiling 🙂

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