Fraction to its simplified form

Hi Everyone..

Following is the code snippet i wrote as an one of my assignment in programming course…It simplifies the fraction to lowest level though code is not optimized. It needs improvement… 🙂

void cancel_fraction (long &upper, long &bottom){int i,j,k,limit;

if (upper<bottom) // Checking for Small number and placing it in limit




for (i=2; i<=limit; i++) // (LOOP 1) Main Table Starting From 2 to small Fraction


for (j=1; j<=upper; j++) // (LOOP 2) Table Index 1 to num1


if (i*j==upper) // (Condition 1) num1 is factor of current table ‘i’ then check for sencond fraction i.e., num2


for (k=1; k<=bottom; k++) // (LOOP 3) table index for second fraction


if (i*k==bottom) // (Condition 2) num2 is factor of current table ‘i’ then


bottom=k; // num2 is divided by table ‘i’ at ‘k’

upper=j; // num1 is also divided by table ‘i’ but at ‘j’ thus

i–; // to divide the fraction again by the same table

} // End of (Condition 2)

} // End of (LOOP 3)

} // End of (Condition 1)

} // End of (LOOP 2)

} // End of (LOOP 1)


Keep Smiling 🙂